A Detailed Guide on Dispensary Credit Card Processing

Are you ready to accept both cash and credit card payments at your dispensary? That’s perfect! Providing customers with multiple cashless payment solutions, such as Mastercard, Visa, and others, is one great solution to attract more people to your business. The reports show that clients tend to spend around 30% more when merchants allow them to pay their bills with plastic. As a result, you need to offer varying card payment options to customers to increase your sales at your dispensary.

Solution for Dispensary Credit Card Processing

Credit card processing technology, also called POB (Point of Banking) and cashless ATM, enables mobile delivery services and dispensaries to accept online payments. This system allows consumers to use their credit cards to withdraw money from their bank accounts to clear their bills at a dispensary. From the perspective of customers, dispensary credit card processing feels like a routine shopping transaction. This process benefits the dispensary as the merchant receives his payments directly into his account without any disturbance. Credit card payments also lower the rate of human errors and make sure the numbers are correct at the end of every transfer.

With the right dispensary credit card processing, each merchant has the choice of setting a cash discount that can lower the acceptance expenses. This cash discount has eliminated the cost that businesses have to pay to accept credit card payments. Overall, accepting credit card payments does not have to break the bank of dispensary owners. Therefore, make sure to set a method that enables you to increase your overall revenue rate with a minimal or no acceptance cost.

The Advantages of Dispensary Credit Card Processing

When it comes to accepting credit card payments, merchants need to choose the right system or software to accept electronic payments. In this case, Merchant ePay is the best option. This system can help dispensaries process credit cards with a completely FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) insured platform. It enables merchants to accept all major credit cards and features, including surcharges. Here are some top benefits of dispensary credit card processing for merchants with Merchant ePay:

  1. Allows You to Accept All Credit Cards at Dispensary

Until now, merchants could not accept credit cards from their clients at dispensaries for marijuana or cannabis purchases. Even with many states legalizing cannabis, cash payments have been the only option for people to pay for their shopping at dispensaries. With a dispensary credit card processing from Merchant ePay, merchants can accept all major credit cards from top-rated credit card service providers, including American Express, Mastercard, or Visa for marijuana payment. Overall, Merchant ePay has made it easy for cannabis vendors to accept credit cards to process their business transactions.

  1. Lowers the Risk of Theft

When customers pay for cannabis purchases with their credit cards, it will leave merchants with much less cash in their stores. It automatically reduces the risk that hard money brings to merchants, such as employee theft and others. That means you can dramatically lower the theft risk by allowing credit card transactions at your dispensary.

  1. Eliminates the Need to Hire Armored Drivers to Collect Cash

Another benefit of the dispensary credit card processing solution is that you don’t have to spend money on your cash security. Merchants do not need to hire truck drivers with armed guards to protect their money while shifting it from one place to another, for instance, from their store to banks and vice-versa. In addition, as there’s no cash, there’s no need to take help from armed truck drivers.

  1. Your Money is Held in US Bank Accounts  

Just because you run a dispensary does not mean that merchants have to process credit card transactions overseas. With the Merchant ePay solution, you can process your transactions and keep your funds in your US bank account. It also gives you complete peace of mind with all your payment processing activities. Also, the money is held in FDIC insured banks. Dispensary owners do not have to worry about large piles of cash or any overseas bank account to run or build their businesses.


It’s clear from the information in this post that credit card dispensary processing has made it way easier for marijuana vendors to process their business payments. All you need is the right software, like Merchant ePay. For more details on how to incorporate into this system, reach out to the team now. They will let you know how this system can help you make your transactions seamless. All in all, allowing your customers to pay with their credit cards can help you attract more customers to your business, leading to increased revenue.

Besides, Merchant ePay is an ideal solution for almost all cannabis merchants, except for vendors in states where marijuana is still not approved or illegal. It is applicable only in states where cannabis is legal to sell and purchase. To know more about the Merchant ePay dispensary credit card processing system, feel free to talk to the team.